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(May 28, 1966 - February 20, 2008)

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Adam Abdul-Hakeem (Larry Davis), was a New Yorker who shot six New York City police officers on November 19, 1986 when they raided his sister's Bronx apartment. The police said that the raid was executed in order to question Davis about the killing of four suspected drug dealers.At trial, Davis's defense attorneys proved that the raid was staged to murder him because of his knowledge of the involvement of corrupt police in the drug business. With the help of family contacts and street friends, he eluded capture for the next 17 days despite a massive manhunt.Once the search was narrowed to a single building, he took a family hostage but surrendered to police under the belief that the presence of reporters provided assurance that he would not be harmed.Davis was acquitted of attempted murder charges in the police shootout case, and was acquitted of murder charges in the case involving the slain drug dealers. He was found guilty of weapons possession in the shootout case, acquitted in another murder case, and was found guilty in a later murder case and was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.In 2008, Davis was stabbed to death by another inmate.

The Larry Davis case generated controversy. Many were outraged by his actions and acquittal,but others regarded him as a folk herofor his ability to elude capture in the massive manhunt, or as the embodiment of a community's frustration with the police,or as "a symbol of resistance" because "he fought back at a time when African-Americans were being killed by police officers."


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Before his death he had a pending parole hearing

Before his death he had an approved interview with BET.

After the stabbing, he was left in the "24 hour recorded yard" for 45 minutes before getting medical attention.

His Murderer was a newly transferred inmate with no past greivances with Larry Davis

He was murdered by the Police.